Silverbirch Park Splash Pad

We took our seven month old cousin splash padding’ with us today. The splash pad at Silverbirch Park is a three-star: fairly basic, but functional and fun?

  • The giant red circle has five nozzles that spray a wall of mist to run through.
  • On one side of the red circle, there are three water fountains that shoot straight up from the ground.
  • On the other side, there is a cluster of six nozzles that spray up another water fountain.
  • There’s one grey button on top of a yellow post that turns everything on in this water park.

It was our cousin’s first splash pad ever, so she really just watched from the sidelines as my daughter and I splashed around…

My favourite part is the giant red circle of happiness that sprays refreshing misty goodness as you run through it. I think my daughter preferred washing her Dora sunglasses in the fountain after the water pressure dropped.

The adjacent play structure is a little older, but we still had fun sitting in the swings. Unlike other splash pads which are on a timer and turn on in the morning, it looks like the Silverbirch Park water park is always on – at least, it turns on in the wee hours of the morning.


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