A nice quiet little splash pad with a red archway and a couple of ground sprinklers. (We really like the pretty star shape spray pattern that these loops make.) There’s a picnic table under a gazebo nearby as well as a regular play structure.

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SILVERBIRCH PARK Splash Pad is located at 6105 Silverbirch, Ottawa, Ontario in Gloucester

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 1
Ground geyser fountain that goes up about one person high
Ground Water Jets 3
Jet stream ground sprinklers that go up about one person high. When the pressure drops, they're little bubbling fountains that little kids will found easy to collect water from.
Archways 1
spray loop - a nice wall of misty goodness in a pretty star pattern
Start Button Silver button on top of that blue and yellow post. Make sure to push it down hard all the way in or the water pressure will drop after a minute or so.
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