Playing at the park

We decided to roll out for one more splash pad tonight. Not a whirl wind tour like earlier today, but just hanging out at one water park.

Just one.

Our little monkey was disappointed we didn’t get to spend more time on the slides, so we did just that in Beacon Hill.

Beacon Hill / Eastvale Park Splash Pad

They’ve painted the City of Ottawa swirl on theĀ splash pad atĀ Beacon Hill / Eastvale Park. It actually looks kinda cool when you’re standing on the adjacent play structure.

  • The splash pad here has three ground fountains – one of them goes higher than the tree line.
  • There are also two elephant water cannons – you can be on team blue or team red.
  • The start button is on the fire hydrant (which is yellow – most splash pad hydrants seem to be red.)

This is a nice park. There’s a gazebo beside the splash pad and the play structure beside the water park is a lot of fun for little kids. read more