Turtle Park Splash Pad

Unlike Butterfly Park where there were no butterflies in sight, we actually found a turtle at the Turtle Park splash pad in Findlay Creek.

Unfortunately, there was no water for the turtle. (A dad later told us that he called the city. Apparently, this splash pad will be fixed on Friday, so we’ll have to come back.)

Turtle Park looks like it could be a nice splash pad.

  • There are two water fountains in the ground. One nozzle is in the middle of a flower which reminds me of the splash pad at Roy Duncan Park. The other nozzle is in the center of a painted turtle.
  • There is also a yellow pole which I imagine shoots water up into the air.
  • Finally, there is a green post with a button that is probably hard for little kids to push (just like the one at the Butterfly Park splash pad.)

Turtle Park is brand spanking new. Heck, Google Maps doesn’t even have a picture of this development yet. Not a lot of shade today, but the little trees that they’ve planted should be nice when they grow up. We had fun going down the slides on the adjacent play structure and eating our snackies at the picnic table.

Next stop, Tim Hortons. Daddy needs some coffee.


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