Roy Duncan Park Splash Pad

I thought today was going to be a quiet day, but apparently not.

I like Roy Duncan Park in Westboro. It has a pretty gazebo beside a simple splash pad. Three different home day care providers swung by with their little kids to play in the water while we snacked on our blanket.

The splash pad is basic, but enough.

  • There are four jets that come out from the ground. Two of the water jets come out of pretty purple flowers. We like purple.

We had a lovely picnic beside the play structure. It’s kind of funny. Even though we visit all of these slash pads, our little one loves the regular slides. (Maybe the water slide at Brewer will hold her attention longer.)

My wife thought this park might be better for younger children under five. A lot of mature trees, lots of shade, not a lot of water fountains, but 4 jets are enough for kids to play around in.

The play structure looks like it’s been updated because they have cedar chips, a rock climbing wall, and the “music makes the world goes around” music xylophone (like they do at the new Cardinal Creek Valley park In Spring Ridge.

If you have little ones, you might like that the park is fenced in. There’s a field to the side where you can play and it’s all enclosed.


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