Brookshire is a newer park so there isn’t a lot of shade other than the gazebo structure.  There are some playstructures right beside the splash pad.

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Photo Gallery


BROOKSHIRE Splash Pad is located at 1027 Klondike, Ottawa, Ontario in Kanata

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 3
Fountain Spray - three ground foutains spraying water up out of painted flowers on the ground
Ground Water Jets 3
Rooster Tail - three ground jets that sprays out a fan of water in an arch
Archways 2
Spray Loop - two spray loops that spray water into the centre of the loops
Posts 1
Tornado Tube - red post that fills with water that then trickles out the bottom
Tall Posts 2
Plux Water Trio - tall red post with three spouts that spray water down, Metal Post - tall yellow post with fours streams of water coming out the sides
Start Button Silver button on a red post.
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