Butterfly Park Splash Pad is a simple splash pad located in a park in Findlay Creek.  It has several ground jets and a mister to keep you cool on a hot day.

It’s a relatively new park so there isn’t much shade available yet.  There is a playstructure at the park.

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Photo Gallery


BUTTERFLY PARK Splash Pad is located at 711 Long Point Circle, Ottawa, Ontario in Gloucester

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 1
Magic Mist N°1 - yellow disk that mists a giant cloud of water in the air
Ground Water Jets 4
Directional Water Jet - two single stream jets, Fountain Spray - two fountains that spray out in all directions
Start Button Bollard Activator - silver button on top of blue and silver post
Last Visited July 24, 2012
Stay tuned.
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