Cardinal Creek Valley Splash Pad is a new pad in Orleans with some interesting structures.  The park is new enough that there is little shade at the park other than the gazebo structure.  There are many interesting and creative playstructures to explore at this park.

Read our 2012 splashpad review here.

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CARDINAL CREEK VALLEY Splash Pad is located at 2130 Bergamot Circle, Ottawa, Ontario in Cumberland

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 1
Side Winder - water sprays out in a circle around the nozzle
Ground Water Jets 1
Water Tunnel N°1 - eight jets spray up in an arch making a water tunnel
Archways 1
Spray Loop - blue loop sprays water into the centre of the loop
Water Cannons 2
Two rotating water guns that spray out water.
Tall Posts 2
Flower - water pours out of tall yellow flower post and down over the petals, Tall metal post that pours water onto a plate that rains down
Last Visited July 29, 2012
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4 thoughts on “CARDINAL CREEK VALLEY Splash Pad

  • Love your website! Came across it while trying to find an easier-to-navigate splash pad directory than the City of Ottawa website. Thanks so much for the review of Cardinal Creek! We live in a different part of Orleans and didn’t know about this gem. Spent two fantastic hours there today; my 1 and 5 year olds both loved it! The only reason we left was we needed a washroom.

    This park has an absolutely awesome splash pad, two play structures for younger and older kids, shaded picnic tables, and loads of benches. Basketball nets close by. You can’t see the park from the street, so it truly is a hidden treasure.

    Note: the street name is Bergamot Circle, not Bergmot. City website has it wrong too. 😉

    • Thanks for the positive feedback, Kirsten, and for letting us know about the spelling mistake in the street name. We’ve fixed it on our site.

      Cardinal Creek is a secret gem – not a lot of people know about it and it’s a lot of fun. I know what you mean about the washroom. Brewer Park is nice because they have washrooms right beside the play structures and splash pads so you can just walk there. We also just got back from the splash pad at Greenboro which is connected to a wading pool and community centre / library. Our 3 year old monkey was pretty sad when we had to leave so we’re planning on going back with a picnic.

  • Can someone confirm with me if this park has washrooms for little and adults to use during their play there ?
    What time does the water park starts at in the morning and is there a water source were we can fill our water bottles ?

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