Chapman Mills Main Street Park (West) Splash Pad is a new splash pad in Barrhaven with a unique structure – a green dragon!  The splash pad has a lot of jets and will get you wet for sure.

It’s a newer park so there is little shade.  There is a dragon themed playstructure beside the splash pad.

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CHAPMAN MILLS MAIN STREET PARK Splash Pad is located at 424 Chapman Mills Drive, Ottawa, Ontario in Nepean

Water Play Structures:

Ground Water Jets 3
Water Tunnel N°2 - five jets send up water in an arch making a water tunnel, Jet Stream - one jet that shoots water straight up, Split Steam - two jets that each send two strems of water in different directions
Tall Posts 1
Dragon - tall dragon structure. The mouth sprays out water, the tail has four gentle water streams for more hesitant splashers.
Start Button Silver button on a black circle in the ground.
Last Visited August 3, 2012
Stay tuned.
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