LAWSON PARK Splash Pad (Renovated)

The splash pad at Lawson Park is insane. There’s so much stuff here, we didn’t know where to start.

This used to be a bizarre giant wooden post that didn’t work, but the city renovated it into a very nice modern splashpad with lots of flower and leaf water structures. (Check out this google map satellite image of the renovation)

They have a great garden theme: giant spinning flowers, leaves that spray you, twisty water guns, and yellow rings to run through. There’s also a little area that’s kind of separate that doesn’t have powerful stuff – the 3 gentle water gushers here would be perfect for little splashers.

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LAWSON PARK Splash Pad (Renovated) is located at 491 Lawson, Ottawa, Ontario in Gloucester

Water Play Structures:

Ground Fountains 6
3 gentle splahes, 3 jet streams
Ground Water Jets 3
3 yellow ground gushers
Archways 2
yellow archways
Water Cannons 2
twisty orange guns
Posts 2
little green toadstool with 5 sprays and a yellow spray circle
Tall Posts 3
giant post with 2 leaves, giant post with 3 spinning flowers, giant post with red, orange, yellow jets
Start Button on the green post
General Notes lots of big trees for shade
Last Visited July 4, 2015
Stay tuned.
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