Walden Park Splash Pad

The splash pad at Walden Park near the Kanata Golf and Country club is quite nice. It’s in a picturesque woods and it has an incredible spider-web play structure beside the water park.

Oh, and the splash pad ain’t bad:

  • There are 2 rings that create a wall of mist to run through. You get quite wet when the water gets going.
  • There’s a giant red pole with three tubes of water dumping on people below.
  • There are three flower showers on the ground
  • There’s a row of 8 shower streams on the side.
  • The button is on the blue post off to the side.

There’s lots of shade beside the play structure, and I particularly liked the stone amphitheater effect around the water park.

The very cool spiderweb play structure is designed for older kids, but our little girl had fun climbing the first section with Daddy hovering around. There is a second climbing structure beside the spider web that our little monkey could climb and slide down by herself.

The thing that pours water out at the top seemed a little broken… Or at least the water pressure was pretty low compared to the exact same water structure at Brookshire Park. All in all, we gave the splash pad at Walden Park four stars.


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