A “Wooden Post” splash park… with a twist

“Just so you know, I’m going to do the Roy Park review first,” says Mommy after we got back from visiting two new splash pads that aren’t on any list of Ottawa splashpads (yet). “It’s a wooden post… with a twist”

Roy Park Splash Pad

roy-park-20130726-1I guess you could say that the splash park at Roy Park was a wooden post splash park that surprised us. (I guess Mommy was right: sometimes wooden post splash pads do surprise us.)

Normally it’s just a block of wood with a button. Push the button and water sprays out of the sides.

At Roy Park, the water comes out the truck of a blue elephant that swivels around. The mist is directed upwards, so it’s not really a water gun, but it’s still more fun than a regular wooden post.

Another thing that surprised us was that this urban water park is no longer on the city of Ottawa list of splashpads. I guess when they renovated the play structures recently, they decided to removed Roy Park from the list, but the wooden post splash park still remains.

One thought on “A “Wooden Post” splash park… with a twist

  • This park is used a lot and it is really sad that there cannot be a splash pad located here, it is a perfect location lots of visitors with a soccer field and baseball diamond to boot. Needs a splash pad considering its usage. Now has a post that sprays water.

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