Wooden posts are us

chapel-hill-20130723-4“We’ve been surprised by wooden posts before,” Mommy points out as we climb out of the car to check out the splash pad at Gerald Poulin Park.

At the time, I accepted that comment at face value, but now that I’m writing about our adventure, I’m not so sure.

Sure, there have been times when we thought a splash pad would be a wooden post because it was in an older neighbourhood, and then were pleasantly surprised when we got there to discover a modern urban water park. (The four bandaid incident at Glen Park is an example of this.)

But once you arrive at a splash pad and you see that wooden post… there are no surprises. You know exactly what’s coming.

“Where’s the splash pad,” asks our three year old daughter as we cross the road hand in hand. I explain it’s a wooden post.


We’ll push the start button and snap a few photos, and then we’ll spend our time on the nearby play structure. Later, when we get home, we’ll try to spin up with nice things to say about the park. But, deep down inside, we all know, it’s just a wooden post.

The splash pad at Gerald Poulin is a wooden post. It’s right beside a cool adjacent green space, volleyball net, basketball court, and newer play structure. There’s also this road that circles the splash pad.

“Oh, I know,” exclaims Mommy. “It’s so you can rollerblade or practice riding your bicycle.”

She might be right. Our little belle enjoys running on the “road” without Daddy and Mommy.

While, we’re at it, let’s get another wooden post splash pad review out of the way.

The splash pad at Chapel Hill is a wooden post. There’s a lot of shade at this park. We giggled as we tried to touch the rainbow and then we had fun climbing the adjacent play structure.

Ah, wooden posts. Gotta love ‘em. On the plus side, they’re really easy to review because there’s nothing to say.

In all seriousness, one of the things we’re working on is creating a search tool of Ottawa Splash Pads so that you can get a complete list of the city water parks… without the wooden posts. We’re workin’ on it…

[splashpad_headline_card]? [splashpad_headline_card]?

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