Four more splash pads: unexpected gems and a brand new splash pad not on the city of Ottawa list

ouellette-park-20130807-1To be perfectly honest, we weren’t sure if we’d like the Party Day DVD that we borrowed from the library, but after listening to the 5-track bonus CD for the umpteenth time, you just can’t help yourself humming to the catchy tunes.

“It’s like toddler crack,” quipped Mommy, as we headed out towards three splash pads in the middle of town.

We’re really becoming Canadian Laurie Berkner groupies this summer. When we head down to the States to hear her play solo in October, we should make a giant sign: We Love You Laurie!

We hit three splash pads this morning and all three were unexpected gems in their own way. Then, we met up with a play date at a brand new splash pad that isn’t even listed on the city of Ottawa website.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

1. Celebration Park Splash Pad

celebration-park-20130807-5We were a little worried that the splash park at Celebration Park wouldn’t turn on before 9 AM. We got there around 8:30 in the morning and when we pushed the start button, only the red water cannon turned on.

But, after a couple of minutes, the water pressure must have built up because the rest of the water structures turned on.

A reader left a comment on our site about this park – clean, perfect for children of all ages – and we agree.

Celebration Park has a nice modern splash pad, plus shaded gazebo and other play structures make it a fun place:

  • A unique sunflower, dumping bucket, and faucet post that we haven’t seen at any other splash pad in the city (so far)
  • There are ground sprinklers to run through,
  • a red water cannon to blast your friends,
  • a blue spray loop and,
  • this yellow post that squirts water out of the side

2. Harrold Place Park Splash Pad

harrold-place-park-20130807-4The water park at Harrold Place Park is an urban island surrounded by an enclosed street and single houses.  There are lots of water structures here:

  • Five ground fountains, four rooster tail water sprinklers,
  • Two red archways that create a wall of mist, and
  • these twin twisty posts that shower water down on the people below

This is a well loved park. When we visited, there were chalk drawings on the floor and toys around the splash pad and play structure for kids to use.

It’s an unexpected jewel in a community park. A skinny urban park with black fences on the side (but no gate, so you may have to watch your kids depending on their age. There is also a gazebo with picnic tables.


3. Hintonburg Park Splash Pad

hintonburg-park-20130807-2The splash pad at Hintonburg Park was totally unexpected. Sure, there are no water structures like spray loops or aqua domes, but there are a ridiculous amount of water sprinklers in the ground:

  • 1 Fountain spray
  • 2 Spitters
  • 3 jet streams (x 2 sets)
  • 6 fountain sprays
  • 1 spider-like sprayer with 8 tiny nozzles
  • a snaking path of 7 blue water gushers
  • Two sets of 4 water sprinklers

Nice shaded park with two play structures for both little kids and big kids. The grassy field is enclosed by a stone fence around the park.

When we visited, there were already lots of families with babies and toddlers hangin’ out. We had a lovely snack on the picnic bench before driving in their jeep (play structure.)


4. Ouellette Park Splash Pad (Brand New – Not on City of Ottawa Splashpad list)

ouellette-park-20130807-5The splash pad at Ouellette Park is so brand spanking new, they haven’t finished putting down the sod yet. (There were some lovely signs asking people to stay off the grass.)

We didn’t know what it was called, so we just googled “new park on strasbourg street ottawa orleans” to find out the name of the park. Thank you, Google.

It’s called Ouellette Park and you can check out from their Public consultation page to see the concept plan for the new park at 530 Strasbourg Street. The park is sandwiched between Strasbourg, Chinian, and Azure streets and named after the Ouellette family.

We came here with friends and had a blast. There are a lot of water play structures at this splash pad:

  • 3 spray loops and 1 green archway to run through
  • a purple aqua dome creating, well, a dome of water, but unlike other splash pads, this dome is much lower.
  • a side section with three posts: two are water cannons, and the last one has a bunch of water nozzles on the side. (By the way, the start button for the splash pad is here.)
  • Several ground fountains and sprinklers

Our little girl didn’t play very much in the splash pad. Instead, she had fun climbing up the slides, eating snackies under the giant gazebo, playing on the giant dish swing, and making sand castles by the little toddler play structure.

There’s a giant slide for older kids that you have to climb, but that didn’t stop our little monkey.


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  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for this website. I’m leaving a comment here since I didn’t know where else to post, but I needed you to know that this is an incredibly valuable resource for families in Ottawa. THANK YOU!

    • Hi Sarah,
      That’s very nice to hear! We’re glad someone is able to use the information we’re gathering from our family adventures.

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