Kanata or bust: Some splash parks in Kanata

“We could totally do 6 splash pads this afternoon. We just spend 10 minutes at each one.”

Maybe. We’ll see.

Someone left a comment on our website asking for more information about the splash pad at Bandmaster so we decided to hit a couple of splash pads on the west side.  We were hoping to get them all, but our three year old daughter got a little tired, so we’ll have to come back.

Billy Bishop splash pad

billy-bishop-20130727-3The splash pad at Billy Bishop park is simple and nice. The park is named after WWI Air Marshal William “Billy” Bishop.

  • The splash pad has 4 ground fountains spraying the splash park,
  • a yellow water cannon, and
  • a green tall post that creates a dome of water.

Our little girl made a new friend and decided to play with her at the play structure on the other side of the park. Just a short visit before we headed on.


UpcountryPark Splash pad

upcountry-park-20130727-3We ran into a friend who lives near the splash pad at Upcountry Park. Small world.

He mentioned this is the only splashpad in Stittsville that he knows about and that field trips come to visit it.

As far as splash pads go, this is a pretty basic splash pad with some ground fountains and water mist. Great fun to cool off on a hot summer day, but it doesn’t have any of the water play structures that some of the newer splash pads have.

(Check out Diamond Jubilee just built in Findlay Creek to see what we mean.)

Still, this is a good place to get wet.

Not that we did. I think the highlight of this trip for our daughter was playing with our friend’s four year old daughter on the slide. That four year old role model was cheerfully fearless as she slid down the slide and jumped off the swing.


Bandmaster Park Splash Pad

bandmaster-park-20130727-3We checked out the splashpad at Bandmaster Park based on the request of a reader.

It’s a great splash pad and it has something we’ve never seen before: an Aqualien Rainforest.

  • There are three yellow flowers that pour water onto three blue flowers shooting water into the air
  • There’s also a wall of eight sprinklers streaming water to create a tunnel to run under
  • Finally, there are some ground fountains on the other side of the plant structures

There was a band playing at band master park the day we visited. The community fair was in full swing so we weren’t able to get great shots of the splash pad. (We try to respect other people’s privacy when we take photos of the splash pads.)

Still, Daddy had fun running through the sprinklers with a three-year-old football and our whole family had fun eating cotton candy for the first time.

“The cotton candy was pink,” explained our toddler. “My favourite colour.”

Pure sugar fun.


Walter Baker Park Splash Pad

walter-baker-park-20130727-91We ended off with a lovely picnic at Walter Baker park. They have an awesome hill which must make for some awesome tobogganing in the winter.

We were a little excited when we drove into the parking lot because you can see a geyser of water from the road. Unfortunately, the water jet turned out to be from the water fountain in the pond and not the splash park.

The splash pad at Walter Baker Park was a little disappointing.  The water pressure seemed a little low compared to some of the other water parks we’ve seen.

They have a green tall post that sprays out an umbrella of water, but the aqua dome mostly dribbled water down the sides. Only at the very end of the cycle did the post build up enough water to spray out the water dome and that only lasted a few seconds.

Overall, the fountain sprays, water cannon and aqua dome might be more fun if the water pressure was slightly higher.


Mommy and Daughter are waiting to go splash padding. We’re hoping to hit a bunch of splash pads in Orleans that we haven’t seen yet. (Wooden posts, here we come!)

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  • Best one in your opinion to bring a class after a visit to the trampoline park in Kanata?
    We are looking at eating lunch and relaxing after a jump – 30 kids five adults.

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