Level up

filling up waterOur friends had a birthday party for their little girl. (She just leveled up to 4 years old.)

The birthday girl wanted to celebrate at Vista Park and the splash pad here is pretty awesome!

  • They have 3 tall twisty posts that shower water from above or sprinkle water from the sides.
  • They have 4 spray loops, but unlike other parks, they’re arranged so it looks like a spiral
  • They have 3 water cannons to blast your friends
  • And, of course, they have a bunch of ground sprinklers that shoot up streams and fountains of water. Hard to predict if you’re a toddler which makes it all the more exciting.

Our little girl had a lot of fun playing with their little girl, trying to recreate the sand castles from our last splash pad adventure. We had fun fetching water in our new princess pail from the drinking fountain.

Between the delicious green heart shaped cake and running around blowing bubbles, we’re exhausted.

Nap time!


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