Cedarcroft Park Splash Pad

Mommy really liked the two misting leaves at the Cedarcroft Park Splash pad, but I preferred the dumping buckets at the next splash pad (Queensway Park.)

The water park at Cedarcroft Park is a lot of fun:

  • There are two giant leaves that spray a refreshing mist. (Similar to the green leaf at the Emerald Woods Park splash pad.)
  • There are three water spouts from the ground that each send up a shower of water.
  • There’s a row of  single water spouts from the ground that I bet is fun to run under.
  • The button that starts the magic can be found on the red post

The splash pad at Cedarcroft Park is only a few blocks away from the Meadowbrook park splash pad, but it’s arguably cooler (literally). The great thing about this splash pad is that there’s almost 360 degrees of water fun – it’s easy to get soaking wet in this one. There’s more mist than spray which Mommy loved. read more