Charing Park Splash Pad

After dinner, we checked out the splash pad at Charing Park out in Nepean, Ottawa.

It’s one of the old-school wooden-post splash pads like Aladdin Park or Kaladar Park, so there’s not much to say:

  • There’s a wooden post in the center of a concrete circle.
  • Push the button on one side of the post and water sprays out of the other three sides.
  • Repeat.

As far as wooden post water parks go, the one at the Charing Park splash pad is okay. (It’s nowhere near the coolness that you find in splash pads like Brewer Park or South Nepean Park. After all, it’s a wooden post.) Once you push the button, the water sprays for some time (unlike some other older parks where you have to hold the button in.)

Overall, if you’re looking for a good splash pad in Ottawa, I’d probably give this one a pass. There’s a play structure beside the splash pad, but it’s an older play structure as well without some of the bangs and whistles of the newer play structures.

We went to watch Mommy play ultimate tonight, but unfortunately, they didn’t have a lot of girls for the game so she didn’t have much time to chillax on the sidelines with us. The splash pad at Charing Park didn’t really hold our interest. We played in the sand and went down the slide at the play structure and then rinsed our hands at the splash pad. That’s pretty much it.


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