Eat, sleep, splash pad

cardinal-glen-20130802-20We’ve got twelve splash pads to write about.


Nine from our tour of Orleans splash parks and three others from this afternoon.

“You can write them when I sleep, okay?” comments our three year old compadre.

So, here we are. Mommy and Daddy trying to catch up on documenting our adventures while our little one complains about not being able to fall asleep. Ironic.

“What are we going to do when we finish splash pads?” asks our little girl.

I dunno. Revisit the best splash parks? Move onto play structures (No.)

We took our homemade egg shaker – “Shaky” – to the splash pads today while of course, listening to Laurie Berkner in the car. (I know a chicken.)

Nault Park Splash Pad

nault-park-20130802-8The splash pad at Nault Park is pretty with two giant yellow flowers. They’ve cleverly put the start button on one of the green stems so you would have gotten a little wet if the water pressure was stronger.

Mommy thought the random cycle was fun, but Daddy thought it was a little under powered. You never had everything go all at once and even the archway seemed a little dribbly.

Still, the pretty flowers on the ground reminded me of last year when we first encountered these sprinklers. (“Roy Duncan was one,” says Mommy.)


Cardinal Glen Splash Pad

cardinal-glen-20130802-5The splash park at Cardinal Glen is a wooden post.

We came, we snapped photos, we played on the play structure, we left.

The park is a very small gated community park. I get why they would have a no-dog sign, but no baseball? Was that a big problem?


Manor Park Splash Pad

manor-park-20130802-5The coolest thing about Manor Park water park was standing underneath an umbrella made out of water.

(They have one of those yellow post aqua domes that shoots water out the top.)

I think this is one of Daddy’s favourite photos: it looks like a ripple of water across the sky.

Our little girl had fun running through the splash pad but passed on standing under the umbrella. She didn’t get wet when the umbrella closed.

It’s a good thing our iPhone case is waterproof.


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