The grand old tour d’Orleans splash pads

orleans-posts-20130802-2We finally finished off the last of the Orleans splash pads.

Nine splash pads, two days, and only four wooden posts. (We thought there would be more.)

There are more than nine splash pads in Orleans, but this is all that we had left to do for our Ottawa splash pad directory.

1. Champagne Park Splash Pad (wooden post)

champagne-park-20130728-1“It’s not a real park,” said our three year old as we drove away from the splash pad at Champagne Park. “It has a train and a house.”

I suppose that’s one of the downsides of visiting so many splash pads and play structures. You get a sense of what’s out there.

Champagne Park is a pretty old park judging by the wooden post splash pad and old fashioned wooden play structure. It might be good for little kids who can’t go on playstuctures yet.

We didn’t stay very long.


2. Delorme Park Splash Pad

delorme-park-20130728-7The splash pad at Delorme Park has an impressively long run for a single push.

  • Three bucket dumping tower,
  • three fountain sprays, and
  • a line of eight jets that spray up to form a water tunnel.

There’s a lot going on at this park, including a cool slide on the side of the hill that our little monkey enjoyed playing on.

“I would bring friends here for a picnic,” said Mommy and I agree. Fun splash pad and good play structure to boot.


3. Marcel Beriault Park Splash Pad (Wooden Post)

marcel-beriault-park-20130728-2The splash pad at Marcel Beriault Park is a wooden post with four nozzles.

I think the nice thing about wooden post splash parks is that there’s always a rainbow in the mist. If you look hard enough.

(It’s tough coming up with nice things to say about wooden post splash parks.)


4. North Vineyard Park Splash Pad

fire-fighter-north-vineyardThe splash park at North Vineyard is creative.

It’s right beside the fire station, so it makes sense that there’s a giant post with a fire fighter cut-out spraying water out the top.

Overall, I can’t see us taking any friends to this splash park.

It’s a decent water park with ground sprinklers, but it’s a challenge to get to by car.

Our GPS told us to go to one of the side streets, but there’s no entrance to the park that way.

Also, there’s no play structure nearby when you want to take a break from splish splashing around.


5. Hiawatha Park Splash Pad (wooden post)

hiawatha-park-20130728-pathThe splash pad at Hiawatha Park is an old wooden post on the side of the path.

See the picture here? That basically sums it up.

There’s not even a play structure here… well, there is, but it’s around the corner, so our little girl wasn’t able to check it out this time during our whirlwind tour of east end water parks.


6. Joe Jamieson Park Splash Pad

joe-jamieson-park-20130728-2-2When we got out of the car, we thought the splash park at Joe Jamison Park was just an old metal post.

But, we were wrong.

It’s a high powered Vortex metal post with three nozzles around the sides and a fourth one on top.

It’s well designed: you can’t push the start button without getting soaked.

This shot was taken just as the water pressure was building up.

And yes, Daddy got soaked trying to get this shot.


7. Gardenway Park Splash Pad

gardenway-park-20130802-2-2The way of the garden.

There’s a lot of water coming out of the water park at Gardenway Park: simple, modern, effective.

  • There’s a loopy red water cannon that you can blast your friends. 
  • There’s a double row of jets from the ground sprinkler that creates a low fan of water.
  • There’s a giant tall post with a spinny blue flower and a dumpy red bucket

We had some nice snackies sitting on the bench and admiring the view today.


8. Fallingbrook Park Splash Pad

fallingbrook-park-20130802-2-2There were a number of kids playing at the splash pad at Fallingbrook park when we rolled in.

We had fun running through the sprinkler, but it was even more impressive watching the day care provider run under the misty green leaf with a triple stroller.

This one is a classic nature-inspired urban water park:

  • green leafy misty goodness
  • yellow flower cup to pour water on your head
  • some ground sprinklers to try to step on
  • Oh, and a nice play structure around the corner.

Good times.


9. Queenswood Ridge Park Splash Pad (wooden post)

queenswood-ridge-park-20130802-5“It’s always relieving when you get to a splash pad and it looks like this,” said Mommy as we walked into the splash pad at Queenswood Ridge.

“Not as much fun. But a lot easier to write up.”

As far as wooden post splash pads go, the one at Queenswood Ridge Park is pretty nice.

There’s a red old metal post and your classic wooden post.

But, there’s also a red water slide beside the posts. You’ll need a friend to hold down the button at the top of the slide to turn on the two water sprays inside the slide.

If you’re looking for a water slide at a splash pad, I’d check out the one at Brewer Park. That’s one of our favourites.


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