Kanata or bust: Some splash parks in Kanata

“We could totally do 6 splash pads this afternoon. We just spend 10 minutes at each one.”

Maybe. We’ll see.

Someone left a comment on our website asking for more information about the splash pad at Bandmaster so we decided to hit a couple of splash pads on the west side.  We were hoping to get them all, but our three year old daughter got a little tired, so we’ll have to come back.

Billy Bishop splash pad

The splash pad at Billy Bishop park is simple and nice. The park is named after WWI Air Marshal William “Billy” Bishop. read more

A “Wooden Post” splash park… with a twist

“Just so you know, I’m going to do the Roy Park review first,” says Mommy after we got back from visiting two new splash pads that aren’t on any list of Ottawa splashpads (yet). “It’s a wooden post… with a twist”

Roy Park Splash Pad

I guess you could say that the splash park at Roy Park was a wooden post splash park that surprised us. (I guess Mommy was right: sometimes wooden post splash pads do surprise us.)

Normally it’s just a block of wood with a button. Push the button and water sprays out of the sides. read more