Heatherington Park Splash Pad

It was a cold and soggy this morning when we checked out the splash pad at Heatherington Park.

Too cold to play in, we just ran through the blue archway and had some grapes under the gazebo.

All in all, the splash pad at Heatherington Park ain’t bad. Here’s what it has:

  • A tower with 3 dumping buckets
  • 3 ground water fountains
  • 1 ground water jet that sprays pretty high
  • 1 blue archway that creates a wall of mist to run through.
  • The start button is on the red post.
  • There is a blue gazebo with a picnic table beside the splash pad.
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    Barrington Park Splash Pad

    A few weekends ago, we checked out the splash pad at Barrington Park. There’s nothing like playing around a water park on a hot summer night.

    There’s no gazebo, so it probably gets pretty hot out here in the middle of summer, but, there is a play structure hidden behind some trees, so you can still have a picnic in some shade. There’s also a library across the field.

    Here’s what they have at the Barrington Park splash pad:

    • Two water guns: one is a blue water cannon, and the other is a yellow elephant.
    • A red fire hydrant with 4 water spouts around the side. There is a black dome at the top of this red post to turn everything on.
    • Three ground sprinklers. One of the ground sprinklers shoots up pretty high.

    We had a lot of fun snacking on watermelon slices beside the water park and shooting the blue cannon. read more

    Jasmine Park Splash Pad

    We went splash padding the other day after the monsoons in Ottawa lifted.

    The Jasmine Park splash pad is a nice urban water park in Gloucester near Gloucester high school.

  • They have a large 4 ring circle structure that creates a wall of mist to run through.
  • There are two ground sprinklers fountains that alternate on a wierd cycle.
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    Chapman Mills Main Street Park Splash Pad

    Wow, dragons.

    We’ve been to 28 splash pads in Ottawa so far and this is the first dragon that we’ve seen. The new splash pad at Chapman Mills Main Street Park is worth checking out. (Not to be confused with the older and less impressive splash pad at Chapman Mills.)

    • A giant green dragon blasts a steady stream of water on the kids below. (No, the dragon doesn’t move.)
    • The dragon’s tail has 4 little streams of water for little kids
    • There’s a row of 5 single stream sprinklers from the ground
    • Two ground sprinklers send up two streams each in opposite directions.
    • One ground sprinkler shoots a jet of water straight up.
    • The start button is not obvious. Usually they’re on posts but this button is on the ground.
    • There are 3 red buckets filling up and dumping water on people.

    The play structure at Chapman Mills Main Street park continues the cool dragon theme as well. There’s a red dragon digging through the mulch and the rock climbing wall is a nice touch.

    We had a lot of fun playing at this park. The dragon was cool and we had fun trying to build up the nerve to stand under the dumping buckets. Our older cousin had an Ariel kite so we flew that in the field. read more

    Greenbank Park Splash Park

    As far as simple water parks go, I really like the splash pad at Greenbank Park. Those water sprinklers in the ground are really powerful!

    • There are 3 shower sprinklers in the ground. Two of them are really powerful.
    • There’s a simple wooden footbridge beside the splash pad
    • The start button is on the green post.

    This is the second stop we made with our older cousin. The water park is right beside Greenbank, but you’d never know it from the main road.

    The splash pad was fun, but I think the girls had a bigger blast playing hide-and-go seek at the nearby older wooden play structure.

    The strong water pressure shoots up so high that the jet of water is visible through the trees from the road. I say it’s a two star because the water pressure is so strong. Mommy wasn’t quite sure. read more

    Kilbirnie Park Splash Park

    We’re back in Barrhaven today visiting splash pads with our cousin. Kilbirnie Park has a lovely splash pad – I really liked the yellow archway!

  • There’s a blue post with three buckets that dump water onto kids below.
  • There are 3 shower sprinklers from the ground
  • Two single stream sprinklers also shoot up from the ground
  • The yellow archway has several nozzles that create a wall of mist to run through.
  • The red post has the start button.
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    Cedarcroft Park Splash Pad

    Mommy really liked the two misting leaves at the Cedarcroft Park Splash pad, but I preferred the dumping buckets at the next splash pad (Queensway Park.)

    The water park at Cedarcroft Park is a lot of fun:

    • There are two giant leaves that spray a refreshing mist. (Similar to the green leaf at the Emerald Woods Park splash pad.)
    • There are three water spouts from the ground that each send up a shower of water.
    • There’s a row of  single water spouts from the ground that I bet is fun to run under.
    • The button that starts the magic can be found on the red post

    The splash pad at Cedarcroft Park is only a few blocks away from the Meadowbrook park splash pad, but it’s arguably cooler (literally). The great thing about this splash pad is that there’s almost 360 degrees of water fun – it’s easy to get soaking wet in this one. There’s more mist than spray which Mommy loved. read more

    Meadowbrook Park Splash Pad

    The third splash pad on our whirlwind Gloucester adventure is the urban water park at Meadowbrook Park.

    We thought it was broken at first, but that’s only because we had to hold the button in the first time to get it going.

    • There’s a giant red pole than shoots water into the air.
    • There are three water streams that shoot out from the ground.
    • The start button is on a blue post.

    The Meadowbrook Park splash pad looks like it has been recently redone (compared to the older wooden post at the Cyrville Park splash pad.) We liked the cool interlock and shade. The interlock looks like something that someone would have in their backyard with their pool. read more

    Emerald Woods Park Splash Pad

    Of all the splash pads that we saw today (Butterfly Park, Turtle Park, Aladdin Park and this one), Emerald Wood Park had the coolest splash pad.

    There’s so much to like about this water park. Emerald Wood Park itself has some great play structures nestled into a foresty backdrop, so it only makes sense that the spash pad fits this woodland theme.

  • There’s a giant leaf that sprays mist once it gets going.
  • The giant flower pours water along the edges of the petals to make a ring on the ground.
  • The four water fountains shooting up from the ground are very cool. My two year old daughter liked playing with them at the end when the water pressure dropped to a respectable splashing level.
  • There’s a button on the red post that starts everything off – it’s a nice long cycle with a single push.
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    Aladdin Park Splash Pad

    The splash pad at Aladdin Park in Blossom Park needs to be upgraded. If you’re in the neighborhood, you’re better off driving five more minutes to the splash pad at Emerald Woods Park.

    Aladdin Park itself is a great park with what looks to be a recently renovated play structure. But the splash pad here is more of a historic example of what splash pads in Ottawa used to be, as opposed to a fun water park to play in:

  • It consists of one wooden post with two nozzles on opposite sides.
  • The button is on the post and when you push it, the water streams out for a few seconds. Not a lot of pressure and not a long time.
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    Butterfly Park Splash Pad

    The splash pad at Butterfly Park in Findlay Creek is reasonably nice, but we didn’t see any butterflies fluttering by. That’s too bad because we really like butterflies. (We just got a butterfly tent at home, but that’s another story.)

    There are a few different water structures at this splash pad:

  • There are two nozzles in the ground that each shoot up a single stream of water.
  • There are another two nozzles in the ground that send up a circle of water fountains.
  • There is a yellow disk that mists a giant cloud of water into the air.
  • The start button is on top of a blue post. It’s a little hard for younger children to push down by themselves. I had to help a little girl start the water park so she and her friends could run through.
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    Glebe Memorial Park Splash Pad

    The splash pad at Glebe Memorial Park looks nice, but we’ll have to come back to play when the water is turned on.

    (We arrived just before nine during our daddy-daughter date this morning after snapping some photos of the water park at Brewer Park. That place is incredible! Two words. Water. Slide.

    Anyway, apparently Ottawa splash pads run between 9AM and 9PM, so we’ll have to come back.)

  • There are three blue flowers
  • There’s a ring of water jets in the ground.
  • There’s a nice big black button to turn everything on (after 9AM
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    Brewer Park Splash Pad

    Five stars are not enough to rate the splash pad at Brewer Park in Ottawa South.

    It’s probably closer to seven stars (out of five stars.) Five stars because there are so many water fountains and structures, six stars because it’s so big that it takes up two levels, and seven stars because there’s a water slide. Wow.

    If you haven’t been to Brewer Park, you need to go. Hanging out at this splash pad felt like we were at a destination resort. (The nice brown wooden chairs on the upper level are a nice touch.) read more

    Lincoln Heights Park Splash Pad

    Lincoln Heights Park is a nice little quiet park with big mature trees. We had a lovely picnic on our blankie on a small hill between the swings and the benches by the play structure.

    The splash pad itself is pretty weak.

    • There’s a red “fire hydrant” with four water spouts on the sides. The water pressure was pretty weak.
    • The dog enjoyed cooling down after chasing a tennis ball with her daddy.
    • It’s good for putting your feet in or washing your hands.

    Roy Duncan Park Splash Pad

    I thought today was going to be a quiet day, but apparently not.

    I like Roy Duncan Park in Westboro. It has a pretty gazebo beside a simple splash pad. Three different home day care providers swung by with their little kids to play in the water while we snacked on our blanket.

    The splash pad is basic, but enough.

    • There are four jets that come out from the ground. Two of the water jets come out of pretty purple flowers. We like purple.

    Cardinal Creek Valley

    Cardinal Creek Valley is a new park and splash pad out in Spring Ridge. (It’s not on the city of Ottawa 2011 PDF map, but it is listed on their site and their open data.)

    Wow, is it ever cool.

  • They have a giant yellow flower that sprinkles water from the top onto the petals. (If you stay close to the green pole, you can stay relatively dry!)
  • They have another giant metal structure that pours water onto a plate that sprays the people below.
  • I like the two water guns that spray water into the center of the splash pad (but the water turns off so you can’t spray people behind you.)
  • There’s a giant blue circle that sprays water that you can run through.
  • Finally, there’s an assortment of water fountains that spray up from different parts of the floor. (My favorite is the little one on the side that playfully spits up a little stream every now and then.
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    Portobello Park Splash Pad

    Portobello Park is great and the splash pad is very popular. Lots of families playing today and a large day care group came by for lunch. Our daughter and her friend had a lovely picnic beside the splash pad.

    There are several different water activities here:

  • There’s a red post that looks a little like a fire hydrant. It has several nozzles shooting out water from the sides. At the top of the post is a giant black dome (button) that turns on everything at the splash park.
  • The Portobello park splash pad has a giant yellow pole that sprays a fountain of water from the very top.
  • There is a row of water fountains that shoot up from the ground.
  • Finally, there’s a big blue water canon to spray your friends.
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    Chapman Mills Park

    The splash pad at Chapman Mills Park is okay, but after starting the day at the splash pad at South Nepean park, everything pales in comparison.

    The splash pad is a single red tower with two buttons – one controls the two nozzles on the pole and the other button controls a spray way up high on the roof. Take your pick.

    The button has to be continuously pressed for the water to come out, but its really too hard for a child under six to press, so you’d need an older child or adult to hold the button down. read more

    Teirney Park

    Although Teirney Park is listed on the City of Ottawa splash pad page at the time of writing, it seems like it’s no longer an actively maintained splash pad. (Teirney Park is currently not listed in the KML splash pad map data.)

    The splash pad is pretty simple. There are two concrete walls with whales engraved on the side and a water spray nozzle.

    You have to hold down the button to get the water to come out but it’s hard to tell because the park was broken. The one nozzle that had water leaking out only worked if you held the button in. read more