Diamond Jubilee Splash Pad

Cat tails and dumping buckets

Diamond Jubilee Splash Pad really is a jewel of a park.  It’s by far one of the larger and most creative splash pads we’ve encountered to date.  There are a variety of unique structures that spray on a cycle.  We especially liked the footing – seems to be a softer type of concrete – and the fact that this large splash pad has an area with lower water structures…perfect for hesitant splashers.

Chapman Mills Main Street Park Splash Pad

The dragon breathes water

Chapman Mills Main Street Park (West) Splash Pad is a new splash pad in Barrhaven with a unique structure – a green dragon!  The splash pad has a lot of jets and will get you wet for sure.

It’s a newer park so there is little shade.  There is a dragon themed playstructure beside the splash pad.

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Brewer Park Splash Pad

Water slide connecting the top and bottom water parks

Brewer Park Splash Pad is a unique two level splash pad.  The upper level features rotating cannons and sprays.  The lower level has dumping buckets and fountain sprays.

The park is a destination in itself.  There are four large playstructures to explore, plenty of shade and places to sit, and public bathrooms.  It’s a park to keep you entertained for hours.

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South Nepean Park Splash Pad


The splash pad at South Nepean Park is awesome. When we came, the water park was so packed that we couldn’t get many photos without people in them. We were just blown away by the number of structures they have.

This was one of the first splash pads that we visited. You can tell because we only have three decent shots of the place. We’ll have to go back to get a better inventory of the things they have at this splash park.

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