Emerald Woods Park Splash Pad

Of all the splash pads that we saw today (Butterfly Park, Turtle Park, Aladdin Park and this one), Emerald Wood Park had the coolest splash pad.

There’s so much to like about this water park. Emerald Wood Park itself has some great play structures nestled into a foresty backdrop, so it only makes sense that the spash pad fits this woodland theme.

  • There’s a giant leaf that sprays mist once it gets going.
  • The giant flower pours water along the edges of the petals to make a ring on the ground.
  • The four water fountains shooting up from the ground are very cool. My two year old daughter liked playing with them at the end when the water pressure dropped to a respectable splashing level.
  • There’s a button on the red post that starts everything off – it’s a nice long cycle with a single push.
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    Aladdin Park Splash Pad

    The splash pad at Aladdin Park in Blossom Park needs to be upgraded. If you’re in the neighborhood, you’re better off driving five more minutes to the splash pad at Emerald Woods Park.

    Aladdin Park itself is a great park with what looks to be a recently renovated play structure. But the splash pad here is more of a historic example of what splash pads in Ottawa used to be, as opposed to a fun water park to play in:

  • It consists of one wooden post with two nozzles on opposite sides.
  • The button is on the post and when you push it, the water streams out for a few seconds. Not a lot of pressure and not a long time.
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    Turtle Park Splash Pad

    Unlike Butterfly Park where there were no butterflies in sight, we actually found a turtle at the Turtle Park splash pad in Findlay Creek.

    Unfortunately, there was no water for the turtle. (A dad later told us that he called the city. Apparently, this splash pad will be fixed on Friday, so we’ll have to come back.)

    Turtle Park looks like it could be a nice splash pad.

  • There are two water fountains in the ground. One nozzle is in the middle of a flower which reminds me of the splash pad at Roy Duncan Park. The other nozzle is in the center of a painted turtle.
  • There is also a yellow pole which I imagine shoots water up into the air.
  • Finally, there is a green post with a button that is probably hard for little kids to push (just like the one at the Butterfly Park splash pad.)
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    Butterfly Park Splash Pad

    The splash pad at Butterfly Park in Findlay Creek is reasonably nice, but we didn’t see any butterflies fluttering by. That’s too bad because we really like butterflies. (We just got a butterfly tent at home, but that’s another story.)

    There are a few different water structures at this splash pad:

  • There are two nozzles in the ground that each shoot up a single stream of water.
  • There are another two nozzles in the ground that send up a circle of water fountains.
  • There is a yellow disk that mists a giant cloud of water into the air.
  • The start button is on top of a blue post. It’s a little hard for younger children to push down by themselves. I had to help a little girl start the water park so she and her friends could run through.
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