Queensway Park Splash Pad

There’s lots to like about the splash pad at Queensway Park in Gloucester.

  • There are two giant posts with buckets at the top that continuously fill up and dump water on the people below. (They have something similar at the Brewer Park splash pad. It’s like Great Wolf Lodge, as our two-year-old would say.)
  • There are three spouts in the ground that shoot up a single stream of water each.
  • There’s one water spout in the ground that sends up a water fountain

We really liked how this splash pad and park is surrounded by forest. Sure, it’s behind the Telesat buildings and the Queensway, but if you park on Aurele, you have to walk through the forest to get to the splash pad. Plus, if you continue through the forest behind the splash pad, the path comes out at another park.

Even though the nearby play structures are simply okay, I really like the splash pad at Queensway Park in Gloucester. read more

Cedarcroft Park Splash Pad

Mommy really liked the two misting leaves at the Cedarcroft Park Splash pad, but I preferred the dumping buckets at the next splash pad (Queensway Park.)

The water park at Cedarcroft Park is a lot of fun:

  • There are two giant leaves that spray a refreshing mist. (Similar to the green leaf at the Emerald Woods Park splash pad.)
  • There are three water spouts from the ground that each send up a shower of water.
  • There’s a row of  single water spouts from the ground that I bet is fun to run under.
  • The button that starts the magic can be found on the red post

The splash pad at Cedarcroft Park is only a few blocks away from the Meadowbrook park splash pad, but it’s arguably cooler (literally). The great thing about this splash pad is that there’s almost 360 degrees of water fun – it’s easy to get soaking wet in this one. There’s more mist than spray which Mommy loved. read more

Meadowbrook Park Splash Pad

The third splash pad on our whirlwind Gloucester adventure is the urban water park at Meadowbrook Park.

We thought it was broken at first, but that’s only because we had to hold the button in the first time to get it going.

  • There’s a giant red pole than shoots water into the air.
  • There are three water streams that shoot out from the ground.
  • The start button is on a blue post.

The Meadowbrook Park splash pad looks like it has been recently redone (compared to the older wooden post at the Cyrville Park splash pad.) We liked the cool interlock and shade. The interlock looks like something that someone would have in their backyard with their pool. read more

Cyrville Park Splash Pad

The Cyrville Park splash pad is the second stop of the evening. It’s just around the corner from Stonehenge Park in Gloucester.

Don’t be tricked by the close-up photo of misty goodness. This is another basic splash pad, although it does have a cool trough that we’ve never seen before.

  • There’s a basic wooden post. Push the button and water sprays out. Period.
  • There’s also a red trough with a water pump for kids to play with. The plug for the trough doesn’t seem to work, but you can pump water and float things.

We liked the pirate ship play structure beside the water park. It’s like a smaller version of the pirate ship our friends showed us at Millenium Park in Orleans. (Unfortunately, the Cyrville Park ship structure has been vandalized with spray paint.) read more

Stonehenge Park Splash Pad

There are several splash pads that live just behind the Horse who Lives on Innes Road.

The splash pad at Stonehenge Park in Gloucester is closest to the pasture at Apple Saddlery, but this water park is pretty basic:

  • There are three spraying fountains that spring out from the ground
  • The start button is on top of the silver post.

Usually after we check out the splash pad, we play on the slides at the park but the only play structure nearby was for older kids. Our little pre-school toddler couldn’t climb the ladder to get to the slide, so off it was on our adventure.

When Mommy decides to go splash padding, she really goes all out. Personally, I was getting a little worried that we wouldn’t be able to hit all 90+ splash pads in Ottawa. After all, it’s almost August, FutureShop has already started it’s “Back to School” marketing, and we haven’t hit a quarter of the splash pads yet. (The splash pad at Silverbirch Park is number 17.) read more

Silverbirch Park Splash Pad

We took our seven month old cousin splash padding’ with us today. The splash pad at Silverbirch Park is a three-star: fairly basic, but functional and fun?

  • The giant red circle has five nozzles that spray a wall of mist to run through.
  • On one side of the red circle, there are three water fountains that shoot straight up from the ground.
  • On the other side, there is a cluster of six nozzles that spray up another water fountain.
  • There’s one grey button on top of a yellow post that turns everything on in this water park.

It was our cousin’s first splash pad ever, so she really just watched from the sidelines as my daughter and I splashed around…

My favourite part is the giant red circle of happiness that sprays refreshing misty goodness as you run through it. I think my daughter preferred washing her Dora sunglasses in the fountain after the water pressure dropped. read more